Paramount Seattle is Nuts for Northwest Harvest

Since 2018, Paramount has had the opportunity to support Northwest Harvest address hunger in our community. Paramount’s guests have been crucial in our efforts with both their donations of peanut butter as well as their cash gifts to the cause. 

In gratitude for your support—by either bringing two jars of peanut butter or by making a $10 cash donation —guests who reserve the Northwest Harvest Package will receive:

  • Discounted Room Rate
  • $20.00 Valet Parking Discount (per night)
  • Welcome Amenity
  • Complimentary Room Upgrade (based on availability)
  • Early Arrival and Late Departure (based on availability)

Northwest Harvest Packages are available through December 30, 2023.

Book online or call our 24-hour reservations line at +1 206-292-9500 to reserve today! 

About Northwest Harvest

Northwest Harvest is a food justice organization working in Washington state to end hunger and to address the root causes of poverty. Hunger is not just the absence of food; it is the absence of justice. We support a statewide network of 375 food banks, meal programs, and high-need schools. We are focused on improving equity in our food system so everyone in Washington can access nutritious foods. In addition to working to provide equitable access to healthy food, Northwest Harvest’s advocacy seeks to shift public opinion and impact inequitable policies and practices that perpetuate poverty and hunger in our state.

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